The Party in the Woods

The party was partied, the people have left, the decorations are slowing making their way down, and Miah is officially two.

Our little man has become obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. It was one of his first words. Every time he saw his Pooh DVD case, he would dance and jig, jump and stomp, squeal and shout, while proudly pointing to the cuddly, chubby bear.

He. Loves. Winnie the Pooh.

I knew I had to do his party as the “100 Akre Woods”. He is my little Christopher Robin after all. His bedroom is even inspired from C.R’s room. About three months ago I started planning. I grew more and more excited. I seriously couldn’t wait to pull this off. (I have accepted that I am a child now and forever.) Pinterest started taking up all of my time. I mean, I became quite addicted. My friends always know what is next on my project list because it consumes their pages too.

I started putting different ideas together to pull off this vision in my head. The week of the party was go time, and I was giddy to no end seeing it come together. Signs of every character in the 100 “akre” woods were made (studying the handwriting seriously from C.R). Leaves were cut out and meticulously designed with yarn (Jason did three… By the end he was shooting daggers with his eyes), pictures were chosen and printed, stories were written, food was prepared.

But instead of boring you with details, I’m going to show you…




These now hang in his room. “Christopher Robin’s  Jermemiah’s World”




Croquembouche: Our interpretation of a beehive… And deliciousness!! Recipe on our food blog found here so you can make one too!!

Pigs in a blanket with mustard cream sauce (recipe on our food blog here), yellow mustard or ketchup for dipping.


100 Akre woods acorns- Hershey kisses “chocolate glued” to halved nutter butter bites and chocolate chips on top. Cutest things ever!

Tigger tails- Pretzel rods dipped in orange candy melting chips with melted chocolate stripes. *Tip: Do NOT color white chocolate chips. The chocolate will seize up and it’s useless… Lesson learned.

Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwiches


Honey Comb and Teddy Graham trail mix


Rabbit’s Veggie’s from his Garden… and olives..?


“Hunny” pots filled with gummy bears that we hid for the kids to go on a treasure hunt. I liked it too because I ate the ones that no one found. Muhaha!


And what’s a party without some mason jars?….

Miah man. The life of the party. Literally, in this sense…


I wrote a story for everyone to have as a favor to take home, along with the pictures that we printed out and hung around the house. It read:


-Chapter 2-
The Journey Continues

This could be the birthday of any small boy. But this particular birthday belonged to a boy named Jeremiah McClearen. Now, Jeremiah McClearen has a very active life- style, full of throwing and kicking balls, running as a regular pace. Not to mention the uncanny ability to collect friends. Big friends. Small friends. Young friends. Old friends, but his favorite friend was his dog, Eli.

Every morning Jeremiah wakes up and immediately calls for Eli. Eli, upon hearing this from his own slumbering placement, jumps out of bed to greet his smiling (and boun- cing) friend. Together, they start the brand new day. And, what is a friend unless you share everything? So Jeremiah feels it his duty to cast off his breakfast scraps to Eli, who is waiting patiently by his side. Of course, Mother can never catch this action quite in time, and spends the rest of the morning cleaning up crumbs and yogurt streaks. Yogurt is Jeremiah’s absolute favorite food. In fact, he feels it necess- ary to ask for it at every meal. Being rejected quite often, he enjoys letting Mother and Father know of his displeasures very audibly.

When Jeremiah and his trusty dog aren’t causing mischief, the young boy has discovered many new things. His passion is to go to new heights, in the very literal sense. Mother has found him standing on a skinny arm rest of their wing-back chair, standing straight up and his ams out to help balance. Another favorite pastime has been standing on the arm rest of the couch and falling backwards as stiff as a board, to see how much bounce he can achieve. All the while, Eli watches nevously from under the table.

During the past year Jeremiah has found out about planes, and seeing these in the air overhead excites him speechless. He gazes and points, and with mouth gapped open wide he shouts “Oh wow!” until it has once again vanished. With the snow melting, his outdoor escapades include chasing the rampant, cabin fevered Eli, and stomping in puddles. He is anxiously awaiting the full melt of the dreadful snow, to fully appreciate all the outdoors hold for him. Even though the snow is horribly holding him back from muddy endeavors, Jeremiah took an even grander adventure in the outdoors: skiing with Mother. He accomplished this at the meek age of 23 months. He credits this to his daily balancing on arm rests and couches.

With his health still intact and important as ever, Jeremiah has become famous with his Doctors, with his smile and charm. To be within a mile of him, and not hear his laughter is a feat. He calls out “Hello!” to any and all nearby participants. He is becoming widely known for his loveable character and outgoing manners. (This being the case at any location he goes.) He weighs a hearty 28.5 lbs and stands at 34 inches tall. Mother cannot believe how quickly his pants and shoes no longer fit, and is on a constant quest to find the next size.

Father smiles proudly at the notion that his son has taken after his love of fine food. Jeremiah is also proud of his gourmet gene, whereas mother regards it as a “picky eater”. Eli is the only one not complaining, for the call of “clean up!” has him drooling and running. Everyday is a new adventure and everyday new memor- ies are created. Mother and Father often grow sad to see their son grow up so rapidly, but are excited to see where the next journey will go. Look for more adventures of Jeremiah (and Eli)!

 I am officially the type of Momma who cries at everything. Below are paintings that my sister, Sarah, and my friend Nicole painted (Nicole did the map, my sister did Pooh and Piglet), and they reduced me to tears when I saw them. They are now hanging in his room.


We’ll be right back after these messages…..

*And if you love them too, they are working commissioned artists that will paint one for you too! Prices vary on sizes and content. Contact me for more info!*

We now return to our show.

This momma also forgot to get candles…. So I improvised.

I thought they fit in with the decor quite nicely.

Randoms from the day:


What a fantastic day! As with any mother, I am extremely excited to celebrate and honor my little hero, and am thankful that I was blessed enough by having him another year!

Now, on to many more adventures of Jeremiah!


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